Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions

* The e-store located at Heyday.eu is an online store created by Heyday Organic OÜ (registration number 12790792, hereinafter the Service Provider or the Seller) through which the Service Provider sells products to natural and legal persons (hereinafter the Service Users).

* Contact data of the Seller and the location of the production plant: Heyday Organic OÜ, Pirni 12, 10617 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, reg No. 12790792.


Ordering juices

  • To place an order, the Service User should select a product or products from the Service Provider’s online store located at www.heyday.eu and add the product(s) to the shopping cart by clicking the ‘Lisa korvi’ (add to cart) button on the product page. To order a weekly juice pack, the Service User should select ‘Telli’ (order) in the online store on www.heyday.eu.
  • After adding all selected goods to the shopping cart, the Service User should click on the shopping cart image in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • While on the shopping cart page, the Service User can view, delete, change the quantity of and view the total sum of the products he/she has selected.
  • If the Service User is convinced that their order is correct and that he/she does not want to make any changes, he/she should click on the ‘Mine kassasse’ (checkout) option.
  • This opens a page where the Service User can enter his/her first and last name (if necessary or desired, also the name of the legal person), e-mail address, telephone number and address.
  • After making sure that their order is correct, the Service User should select a suitable payment method and forward the order by clicking on ‘Edastan tellimuse’ (forward the order). Forwarding the order by the Service User is considered a bid proposition to the Seller.
  • The bid placed by the Service User shall be regarded as having been accepted by the Seller when the Service User has paid for the goods and received an email with the order confirmation and invoice at the entered email address.
  • After packing the goods and handing the package over to the delivery company, the Service Provider shall deem the goods to be shipped and send a corresponding notification via e-mail to the entered e-mail address.


Personal data processing

  • The Service Provider shall only use the Service User’s personal data in accordance with the conditions specified in the Personal Data Protection Act to fulfil commitments established by the contract and shall not forward the Service User’s personal data to third persons.


Delivery, transport and relating charges

  • When completing the order, the Service User should select a suitable delivery method and location.
  • The Service User is liable for the shipping costs incurred in delivering the goods if such costs result from the Service User’s order.
  • When completing a new order, the Service Provider shall do everything reasonably possible to ensure that the Goods are received by the Service User within five working days in Estonia and one month elsewhere in Europe.


Paying for an order

  • The following payment methods are available when paying for goods ordered from our online store:
  • Swedbank bank link
  • SEB bank link
  • Nordea bank link
  • Danske bank link
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AmeX…)


Cancelling/changing an order, returning (the) product(s), damaged goods


  • The Service User can cancel his/her order before paying for it.
  • If the Service User wishes to cancel his/her order (withdraw from the contract) after having paid for it, but before the goods have been handed over to the delivery company, he/she should make his/her wish known in a free form email. In such a case, the Service User shall be refunded in full.
  • If the goods are in accordance with requirements and the customer withdraws from the contract by sending a free form email after receiving the goods, the Service User shall be liable for the shipping costs incurred in returning the goods. The Service User shall also reimburse the Service Provider, based on the total value of the contract, the price of what was received under the contract, in proportion to the value of what the Service User has received at the time the Service User withdrew from the contract. The price of what the Service User has received shall be determined based on the total price agreed on in the contract.
  • If the goods have been damaged during transport or are ineligible for consumption due to a different reason and the Service User wishes to withdraw from the contract, he/she should inform the Service Provider via email, including any relevant information and a photograph. If the object of the contract does not comply with the contract terms, the Service User can rely on legal remedies established by law against the Service Provider.
  • If the Service User’s rights have been violated, he/she has the right to turn to the Estonian Consumer Protection Board or Harju County Court. The legislation of the Republic of Estonia shall apply when resolving disputes.