A few years ago, two former university mates, Anton and Janno, met at a petrol station by chance after ten years. The men looked at each other, burst out laughing and started to talk about the good old times at university, when they were living their lives to the fullest. Both of them had worked a lot, travelled and started a family in the meantime. Janno and Anton had both decided to turn their life around, taking the maximum from each day. They were just looking for a crazy idea to work on.



Soon, they met for dinner and a sauna at Anton’s, making fresh juices for themselves and the children. They noticed that it took a lot of time, and being a bit heavy-handed with ginger or celery could totally ruin the taste of the juice, regardless of how healthy it was.

And Anton had an idea – “Let’s start a juice revolution!”. “We could open the first organic juice factory in Northern Europe, using local superberries and new technology (making it possible to preserve the juice without pasteurising it)  that would be loved by people both here as well as in the rest of Europe.”

The idea did not give Anton peace and within just two days he called Janno. Anton was amazed by the idea of capturing the Nordic nature in a bottle, introducing healthy and delicious cold pressed juices to the whole world.

Janno was easily convinced as the idea was crazy enough to try, and gave the possibility to leave the suits and ties behind for good. And this is the story of how the garage stairs of a shipbuilding plant became the headquarters of the HeyDay Organic start-up. The juice revolution had started!

Janno gathered his good friends from the time he worked at Carlsberg, who also took a new path in their lives to join them, setting the goal to produce the world’s best juices together. All of the team members were co-founders, testing and developing tasty recipes in the first year, travelling the world and gathering the knowledge they needed to open the HeyDay juice factory. The modern cold-press and high-pressure processing (HPP) equipment ensures the best quality and taste, preserving the healthy vitamins and minerals.

They also decided to use completely unique triangular bottles, created by their designer friend who is currently enjoying the creative environment of Berlin. The three corners of the bottle and the company logo symbolise the resilience of the Nordic people and berries, endless fields, a simple and healthy lifestyle and the contrast between white nights and the dark winter.



We decided right from the beginning that we wanted to do good along with the people who enjoy our juices. This is why we give five cents from each bottle sold to those who need it the most – disadvantaged children.

HeyDay juices were born from the energy of the white nights and the clean and untouched Nordic nature. Juices are made from fresh and delicious organically grown vegetables, fruits and berries that are handpicked from large fields and forests and then bottled for you.

Forget concentrates, pasteurisation, added sugar and other additives. HeyDay is clean, natural organic juice and nothing else.*

*Except for a large dose of the Nordic way of thinking.


Let’s start the juice revolution together!



Anton and Janno


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