Why is your juice in a plastic bottle, not glass?

We use PET bottles because our fresh juice preserving method high pressure processing (HPP) allows to treat PET bottles. For example glass would not tolerate such a high pressure so we use plastic to make the product safe.

Why do you use only organic ingredients?

100% of our ingredients are coming from organic farms or pure forests. We support organic farming because it is good for the environment and the juice from pure ingredients is tasty and fresh.

Where do the juice ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are carefully selected organic fruits, vegetables and herbs and berries that we prefer to take as much as possible from the pure Nordic forests, fields and farms. Semi-long answer short- our ingredients come mostly from nature, naturally.

What is high pressure processing (HPP)?

In HPP (high pressure process) we apply pressure equal to 5 times the deepest part of the ocean after the bottling helping protect the natural flavors and nutrients. Pressing takes place in a high pressure chamber in cold water. Our technology destroys all microorganisms that may spoil the juice as they cannot survive in the high pressure processing environment.

What is the difference between pasteurized and cold-pressed juice?

The main difference between pasteurized and cold-pressed juice is that during pasteurization high temperature is used to kill micro organisms, but it also changes the taste and reduces the amount of some nutrients. By using cold- pressed technology we get juice that tastes fresh and is full of nutrients, especially heat sensitive vitamins.

The juice is separated, is it still suitable for drinking?

Yes! Separation is a natural process as we do not add any additives to our juices. Just shake and enjoy!

Do you add sugar or other sweeteners to your juice?

No. Heyday juices do not contain any additives.

Don’t fruits have a lot of sugar in them?

Fruits naturally contain fructose, but at the same time they contain many nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. In our juices we mix fruits with different vegetables that are lower in sugar content.

Why should I drink juice instead of just eating the fruits and vegetables?

Hey, who are we to judge!We prefer not to dictate which is better for people as far as the fruits and vegetables eaten or drank are all organic, fresh and healthy! Just eat 5 portions of fruits and veggies a day no matter which state!

Where do you produce your juice?

Heyday juices are made in Tallinn, Estonia and a state of the art new juicery, that was designed together with juice specialists around the world.

Can I give your juice to my children?

Sure! Heyday has created organic mixed juices that children love. Oh, did we already mentioned all the vitamins and great taste?